The electromagnetic field of a current conductor in the presence of lossy half-space

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Marijana Gavrilović Božović
Mina Vasković Jovanović
Milan Čabarkapa
Nikola Mijailović
Milan Vesković
Jasna Radulović


In this paper, the electromagnetic field problem of a line current conductor in the presence of homogenous and isotropic lossy half-space is analyzed. The main difficulty in this analysis is to take correctly into account the influence of ground finite conduct since the use of integral transformations in Maxwell's equations leads to Sommerfeld integral, hard to evaluate even numerically. Charge Simulation Method, based on the equivalence theorem of different electromagnetic systems, is proposed here for the numerical approach. Two independent, equivalent systems created of appropriately chosen, shaped, and arranged fictitious sources are suggested for the determination of EM field components, in the air and in the lossy half-space. Point-matching method based on the boundary conditions between media is applied for the determination of the fictitious source intensities. The proposed procedure has the advantage that it takes into account the influence of the finite ground conductivity, without calculation of Sommerfeld integral and it ensures excel-lent accuracy with a small number of fictitious sources. Also, the features of the proposed method are simple implementation on a standard PC, fast and accurate simulation procedure, and easy generalization for some other cases of arbitrarily oriented wires of finite lengths above a lossy half space.

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M. Gavrilović Božović, M. Vasković Jovanović, M. Čabarkapa, N. Mijailović, M. Vesković, and J. Radulović, “The electromagnetic field of a current conductor in the presence of lossy half-space”, ET, Jul. 2024.
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