Adjustment and regulation of high-pressure pumps on the BOSCH test bench

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Željko M. Bulatović
Dragan M. Knežević
Stojko Lj. Biočanin
Milica S. Timotijević


During decades of work on the development and improvement of engines intended for combat and non-combat vehicles of the Serbian Armed Forces, original methods were developed for setting, testing and checking the functionality of various types of high-pressure in-line pumps that are installed on those engines. These activities are not performed continuously, yet are performed as required by the job, often with very lengthy breaks. Through current research, development and functional tasks or periodic technical assistance in the comprehension of overhaul and production, these activities are frequently handled by highly qualified and narrowly specialized research staff. The goal of this paper is to describe the developed methods and the acquired experiences in as much detail as possible and to standardize them in certain way, so that they are not forgotten, but could be permanently available to the research staff dealing with this issue.

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Željko M. Bulatović, D. M. Knežević, S. L. Biočanin, and M. S. Timotijević, “Adjustment and regulation of high-pressure pumps on the BOSCH test bench ”, ET, Jun. 2024.
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