Analytical and numerical analysis of the modified 2D arc-star-shaped structure with negative Poisson’s ratio

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Vladimir Sinđelić
Aleksandar Nikolić
Nebojša Bogojević
Snežana Ćirić Kostić
Giangiacomo Minak


The Poisson’s ratio represents one of the very important characteristics of mechanical metamaterials. Thanks to additive manufacturing, it is now much simpler to create structures for the study of Poisson’s ratio. Particularly, for research purposes, re-entrant structures are of interest as they can exhibit negative values of Poisson’s ratio. Due to their capabilities, such structures find extensive applications across various industries. The modified arc-star-shaped (m2D-AS) has been studied analytically and numerically, and the negative Poisson’s ratio (NPR) and Young’s modulus has been examined for different geometric parameters of the structure.

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V. Sinđelić, A. Nikolić, N. Bogojević, S. Ćirić Kostić, and G. Minak, “Analytical and numerical analysis of the modified 2D arc-star-shaped structure with negative Poisson’s ratio ”, ET, vol. 3, no. 1, Mar. 2024.
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