Finite element modelling of laminated composite: effects of different ply orientations

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Dragan Čukanović
Gordana Bogdanović
Aleksandar Radaković


The subject of analysis in this paper are laminated composites as an always popular topic in the field of composite materials. The introductory part of the paper presents a brief overview of the current state of research in this area and points out further directions of research related to this very interesting topic. The classification of laminated composite plates from the aspect of different criteria are described in detail. As the subject of the paper is stress-strain analysis of laminated composite, the expression for the generalized Hooke's law of orthotropic class of material symmetry is given. The terms of the constitutive matrix are expressed through engineering constants. At the end, the bending analysis of the rigidly supported laminated plate under a sinusoidal load was performed. The mentioned analysis was conducted using software based on the finite element method. A comparative analysis of the plate with the different ply orientation (0°/90°/90°/0° and -45°/45°/45°/-45°) was done. The obtained results were analyzed and appropriate conclusions were made.

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